Our method for Adults


Châteaux des langues immersion en anglais pour adultes professionnel

The complete programme for the language’s global vision


Many of participants have done numerous lessons without finishing, so it is very difficult to rely on lessons which took place 6 months ago. Only the intensity is guaranteed to make progress.


Workshops for targeted practice


The multiple situation in groups or one to one guarantees the participant can prepare for his needs every day. Every single one of our participants testified an unlocking which is clear from the Monday after the immersion but also gives back the pleasure in speaking the language and pushes them to continue to make progress.

From morning to evening for 5 days


Even intensive weeks can see their effectiveness reduced by an evening break in the programme. Re-switching out of the target language and refocusing on the everyday issues are the two things which can break the momentum of progression. The 60 hours of the Chateau des Langues programme simply doesn’t allow an opportunity to lose concentration.


Obtaining the mechanism


This ultra-intensive practice allows of participants to acquire an automatic reflex of the target language. Therefore during a concentration, they can concentrate fully on them and no longer struggle on how to say what they want to say.