Our tasty E-Learning

A fun e-learning


The linguistic concept of Do You Cook English?  is to combine the practice of English and the discovery of cooking recipes.  Creating desire is the only way to motivate participants to speak English and cooking is an excuse for us… tasty!

With a one year subscription, participants receive on a dedicated space, a new video per week combining a recipe and the practice of a point of English.  The linguistic platform developed by us provides all the linguistic tools necessary to give this activity a real impact (dictionary, 3 reading speeds, subtitles, methodology of practice, …)

A complementary tool


Châteaux des langues is a specialist in intensive language courses. This is the only way to really develop your level. To maintain the gains, you have to continue to practice over time.

Do you cook English? is a way to institute a routine following English courses. Through the excuse of a cooking recipe, each week is the opportunity to tackle a point of English in an appetizing way! It’s a perfect way not to lose between two language stays.