Our method for Teenagers


Obligation and intensity


Our methodology is based on the constant practice of English. With the exception of two small ‘free times’ (for showering), everything takes place in English. From the morning to the evening and all throughout the stay, this practice makes it possible to force the formulation of sentences. And all this is done repeatedly. The purpose of this English course is to reach the stage where mechanisms are created. If the teenager can no longer think about the creation of their sentence, they can concentrate more on its content. This is a gradual process for college and lycée students, but all our English courses for Collège, Lycée and Prépa-Bac have the objective of obtaining this level of fluency. This is obtained first for the basic structures, then the more complex.



Teenagers who don’t know why they are learning a language will have more difficulties taking responsibility for and overcoming obstacles in their learning. Explaining to them that English is for travelling, for discovery, for meeting new people, for an interesting career: it’s a necessity. As soon as there is no more discussion on this state of affairs, the teenagers take responsibility and become proactive in their learning.

Unlocking the language through enjoyment


During teaching time, teenagers are taught English for one or two hours alongside several other subjects. Alas, a language mustn’t be learnt but be integrated instead.

It is essential to combine lessons and practice to ensure fluidity. Only an intensive course with stimulation and follow-up practice for each activity will ensure that participants reach a new level in their spoken expression.

An alternation of activities and practice


Châteaux des Langues isn’t offering lessons in the morning and sport exercises in the afternoon. Our aim is to interweave activities that are a maximum of 1 hour long, varying the type of practice so that the teenagers are constantly proactive. This approach, unique from all other language residential courses, keeps the participants focused. This phenomenon is emphasised by the competition between the two teams that we create. The dynamism of games and activities between the “blue team” and the “red team” greatly increases participation in the programme.

The guarantee of double security


Our English residential courses are amongst the safest that you could find for two reasons. We create the immersions ourselves, so there is no intermediary and we are really in daily contact with the teenagers that we host.

During a period where travelling is subject to more and more uncertainty with regards to safety, and where the atmosphere of English speaking countries is not optimal, an English course in France,1 hour 10 minutes away from Paris, is a safe alternative.


The efficiency of ‘the big picture’


Teenagers study English for 7 years between collège and lycée. The lessons are spaced out and between programme changes and the inability of teachers to finish the curriculum (class difficulties, absence of teachers, students), the knowledge of students is fragmented. Our English programme, the Kit de Bases Grammaticales©, brings all these elemnts together and gives the necessary keys to sustainably progress in English. Following the principle of 80/20, we have prioritised grammar in order to focus on learning the essentials. The residential course is therefore the step where participants learn the basics that must be mastered, as without them progression is not possible.

Notre méthodologie (Immersion Linguistique Adultes)


The Communication – Organisation – Methodology© programme responds to the question of ‘How do I learn’. In order to learn English or French, it is essential to know how your brain works in learning situations, and the necessary steps for integrating the language. This methodology comes from 35 years of experience in residential language courses. Several techniques are used to improve memorisation, work methodology and empowerment: the first step of personal development is wanting to succeed and deciding to put in the energy required to succeed.


A team who are always present


The teaching team accompany the teenagers all throughout the day.

Except for during two small “French-time” breaks, at least one staff member will be supervising the teenagers from morning until night, to ensure that everyone is practicing English. The alternation between teachers and Activity Leaders follows the interweaving pattern of teaching and playful activities.

An English and French team


Our teenage courses are more efficient than other residential courses in English speaking countries. In reality, the location is not important. It is the team of supervisors and the programme that are the most important factor of a language residential course. We use teachers of French nationality, who can better understand and respond to the needs of participants, as well as native English speakers for all activities. This complementary concept is unique in the world of language residential courses.


Start by asking yourself the right questions


Direction is essential for teenagers as it is partly what motivates them in their studies. Without having an objective, it is harder to have the desire to work.
We offer an optional programme where teenagers can meet with a careers councillor, in order to structure their approach to finding a job that suits them.
Collège students are mainly focused on their own knowledge and their abilities, whilst Lycée students are already heading in the direction of a certain industry sector.

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