Professionnal English immersion in France


Step by step with 60 hours


To know and being able to express yourself in a language, are two completely different things. Only repetition makes it possible to integrate the knowledge provided. Our super intensive English immersion of over 60 hours allows unlocking
the listening and speaking and therefore being able to progress step by step.

Raise your level in only 5 days


Learning a language takes time and needs concentration. The solution of taking a programme for 6 months or a year is likely to be forgotten daily. Only an immersion allows you to focus in an efficient way to unlock the language.

A full programme in English

The dedicated 15 hours in the language programme allows us to face all the
problems of the language but also having a global vision.


Adapted scenarios

During our adult immersion, the 45 hours of targeted practice and the One to Ones,
allows all participants themselves to prepare different situations which they must

Châteaux des Langues - Château de la mazure immersion anglais en france


Experience a real impact professionallly

An English immersion at Chateaux des langues, it is guaranteed you will be more efficient from the following Monday. The combination of language work with multiple
targeted requests associated with the element of personal development is indeed a huge boost of confidence for the participants.

Personalised course

Each immersion for our professionals, real language coaching, starts with a diagnostic phase with a written test followed by an interview by one of our teachers.
Therefore we are certain of your initial level and you can place the participant in the most suitable immersion.

There is no required entry level for our courses. For any type of disability please contact us at +33 2 43 53 55 63


3 key methods in the palm of your hand

3 key methods in the palm of your hand


Alongside the staff, we offer three comprehensive methods composed of the diagnostic phase, the intensive immersion and our online e-learning practice.
These comprehensive teaching methods benefits from the speed of the English immersion and the integrated support through online micro-learning. Therefore the
course overall lasts more than a year.


The certification, a guarantee of quality of the language stay


Châteaux des langues  is a training centre certified by the OPQF. This means the
practices executed during our immersions are audited and validated by experts in
continuous vocational training. Our organisation therefore allows our clients to benefit
from our professionalism:

  • A commitment to continuous improvement to enhance confidence in our services.
  • The certainty of profiting from the best methods,
  • A proper solution to the expressed needs.

Datadock is the name of the database created by the 20 OPCA & OPACIF who have recently published a joint list of 21 indicators to validate compliance by training organisations with the six quality criteria.

Chateau des langues is of course accredited by DATADOCK and is therefore eligible for all support.

Nous venons également d’obtenir la certification qualité QUALIOPI au titre de nos actions de formation. La certification qualité a été délivrée au titre de la catégorie d’actions suivante : actions de formation.


We have immersions nearly every week. Each one is dedicated to a specific level.
The first step is to the take the online test, which you can start by clicking below :


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If you do not have all the information to start your immersion, don’t hesitate to
download our brochure and give us your details. We will then contact you to organise
your immersion!

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