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The complete course


All our courses combine an accelerated immersion course with a year-long subscription to our E-Learning platform. This package, which has the most intensive and extensive solutions, allows us to offer the best possible service to our participants.

Once and for all


Overall, the duration of this course makes it possible to focus the investment of the immersion over a short period, instead of spreading it over several years with no real progress. Following our immersion, we give participants the necessary tools to take charge of their own skills development. If they have reached the level required by the company, they become independent in their practice.


Take a step back

The 5 day-long adult English immersion is also an ideal moment to work on yourself. As well as skills, self-confidence is a critical factor in public speaking. Our human and motivational approach means that 100% of our participants, upon leaving, claim that they have a higher self-confidence than they did when they arrived.


The feel good effect

The 5 day language immersion is an opportunity for participants to enjoy themselves. Far from being a forbidden word, enjoyment multiplies your efficiency! 100% of participants who took part in an immersion at Châteaux des langues say that they were more motivated upon leaving.
Well-being at work, goodwill, the ability to speak up… all these interpersonal skills are impossible to learn overnight. Only a sufficiently long period with exposure to positive energy will help you to overcome this problem with resilience.
To make things easier, we have created a complete and all-inclusive package which ensures that you don’t exceed your initial budget. This includes teaching sessions, support, accommodation, food and transport to the nearby TGV station, as well as a certifying evaluation. In summary: no horrible surprises of additional costs.

Châteaux des Langues - diner au Château de la mazure lors d'une immersion adulte


A definitive and turnkey course


We offer 3 complete blended courses to better meet the needs of your employees. Plus, we regularly offer themed immersions to bring more skills to the immersion. In all cases, our rates are all inclusive of our training, the support, catering and accommodation and even travel from the nearest station.

Balance sheet: no unpleasant surprises and no additional costs

Personal administrative follow-up


The immersion is a comfortable procedure because of its short duration. All the elements (debriefing, certificate of attendance, evaluation certificate are sent the week following your immersion.

Our administrative team will help you to prepare all administrative documents. Managing the expectations of different OPCAs is not easy. But that’s ok, we have people here who enjoy handling this! Let us help you to make this task quick and painless.


Multiplying the return on investment


5 days of immersion guarantees a complete and overall unlocking of the English language. 5 days is not enough for a sustainable progression but it’s more than enough for our participants. By condensing the training period over this time-frame, we can maximise the training impact. These 5 days can also become an opportunity for participants to gather in a kind and welcoming environment. Much more efficient than 1, 2 or 3 day teambuilding sessions, the 60 hours spread over 5 days allows participants to really bond and helps to facilitate communication between company departments, as well as increase commitment to a company.



« Former nos Talents de demain est un investissement important mais conséquent. Afin qu’il porte ses fruits, il est nécessaire que les participants maîtrisent suffisamment l’anglais pour assimiler les enseignements qui leurs sont délivrés et interagir librement avec leurs collègues de différentes nationalités. L’immersion en préparation à ce séminaire permet donc à la fois de les remettre à niveau en anglais, mais aussi de commencer à tisser des liens forts entre eux. »

Annie B, Competence Development Centre Manager, SPIE


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